Let us see how to send Cargo Arrival Notice report in mail from eFM system.

  • Navigate to?Forwarding.
  • Click on?Shipment Entry.

  • The?Shipment List?page will open.
  • Enter the shipment number and click?Submit?button.
  • Click on edit icon in the resulting shipment.

  • The?Shipment View?page will open.
  • Click on the?Reports?button.
  • The Reports page will open.

  • Enter Cargo Arrival Notice in the search bar and search.
  • Click Preview icon on the required report.

  • To send the report as email, click on Email icon.
  • The Send Mail/Parameters page will open.
  • Key in To address and CC,BCC if required and click on Send Mail.

Finally, the user can send the Cargo Arrival Notice report in mail from eFM.