deferred Cost

Here, we are going to see How to generate a voucher for deferred cost in the EFM Application.

The purpose of the voucher generated for deferred cost is if the vendor is not providing the invoice on time and we want to close the Consol we just pull the charges in deferred cost and generate the voucher so that we can close the accounts for it. When the vendor provides us with the invoice, we will get the pending charges from our system.

Step1: Login to EFM Application and go to the Consol list.

shipment type

Step2: Select the required consol in the list.

shipment type

Step 3: In the consol, if any charge without a voucher then clicks on the proration/deferred A/C.


Step 4: In that click on the pending charges to deferred A/C. Select the charge and voucher date and click on generate a voucher.

shipment type

Step 5:  Now the journal voucher is created for deferred cost pending charges.

shipment type

Step 6: If we received an invoice from the vendor then we can create a vendor invoice and match it with a deferred cost journal voucher by the Get O/S button in the account detail of the vendor invoice in our system.

shipment type
fig.6 a
deffered cost
fig.6 b

We have a report for seeing the pending deferred cost/sale in accounts reports name is Pending Deferred Cost / Sale Report.

Hope, now we got an idea about How to generate a voucher for deferred cost in the EFM Application.