Here, we are going to see While Copying the Shipment from Other branches, the UN LOCATION did not reflect in the organization. How to Find the Scenario and Fix it.

Scenario: The respective Shipment Organization was created without a UN LOCATION.

Note: (When copying the shipment or Consol from other branches if the organization does not exist already in the current branch, then the organization is created automatically. when that time, If Shipment/Consol does not have an origin port, then UN Location is not taken. the system considers the Origin port of that shipment as a “UN LOCATION” for the newly created organization. So kindly ensure the origin port is entered or not, before copying the Shipment.)

  • Once we created the Shipment and copied using Copy Consol from Other branches without the Origin port, the UN LOCATION does not reflect in the Organization.
  • We have to manually enter the UN location in the Organization.

Kindly follow the below steps to fix the above UN LOCATION Scenario.

In this case, we need to enter the Origin Port in the shipment and then again try to Copy the Shipment, or else we have to enter the UN LOCATION manually in the newly created Organization for the Current branch.

  • Before copying the Shipment, check whether the Origin Port is entered or Not in the Shipment/Consol. After that try to Copy the Shipment/Consol using the Copy Consol from Other branches Menu.
Copy Shipment

Step 1:  Log in to the EFM Application and Go to the Forwarding Module.

Copy consol

Step 2:  Select the Consol from other branches in Forwarding Module

Copy consol from other Branches

Step 3: Select copy shipment and enter the respective Company, branch, and Shipment number, and click Submit Button.

Copy Shipment

Step 4: After generating the Shipment. On the Shipment Copy Page, selects the Department which you want and click copy Shipment. After that new Shipment has created successfully.


Step 5: Select the Copied Shipment view page and click the billing party name.

Shipment View Page

Step 6: Now the UN location has displayed in Organization.


Hope, now we got an idea about While Copying the Shipment from Other branches, the “UN LOCATION” did not reflect in the organization. How to Find the Scenario and Fix it.