Client rate

Here, we are going to see why client rates did not appear in the shipment and how to rectify it in different scenarios.

Step1:  Login to EFM Application.

port pair

Step2:  Go to the client rate option in Organization View.

port pair

Step 3: Click Create option in the port pair entry. Enter Department, Origin, and other required fields in the Port pair entry.

shipment type

While Get charges not working we need to check the below points.

  • Department
  • Same client
  • Same port pair
  • Expire Date
  • Hazardous type
  • Same shipper, consignee, and carrier
  • Need to Check that charges are entered or not
  • Same container as per UOM

Scenario 1: Need to check the shipment is in the same department as the client rate, the department must need the same as the client rate, if not then we can’t pull the client rate.

client rate

Scenario 2:   If we enter the wrong client organization then we got the wrong client rate or we can’t get charges based on that mismatched organization.

port pair

Scenario 3:  Same Origin and destination as per we need to enter in shipment, if not then also client rate does not reflect in shipment.


Scenario 4:  In client rate when we enter Details, we need to fill the effective date column as per that from date only that client rate is effective and if that rate has expired by a given date, then no charges are available for that.

shipment type

Scenario 5:  The Same hazardous type we have chosen in the client rate is need to be entered in shipment then only we can pull out the charges.

Client Rate

Scenario 6: In client rate, we update the shipper or consignee, or carrier organization name Then the same if entered in shipment only the charges are shown to us.

shipment type

Scenario 7: After the port pair is created, we need to amend the charges for that then only it will show on the shipment page. Need to check if charges are not shown.

shipment type

Scenario 8: In client rate, if chargers have UOM per container then as per shipment the charges pull out for all containers If the UOM in the client is in (e.g.) per 40 GP or per 20HC then the same container is available in shipment only that charges are reflected in shipment.

If we choose 40Hc in shipment and the UOM code in Client rate is 40GP then we can’t see the charge for that particular.


Hope, now we got an idea about Why client rates do not appear in the shipment and how to rectify it